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Vinschgau was once an important transit area for kings and emperors on their route to Rome for their coronation. Venosts, Celts and Romans lived in the border area of Italy, Switzerland and Austria. They all left their mark. In the language and customs, in the architecture and in the landscape. Many old traditions, such as disc flinging, Sacred Heart fires, alpine pasture drives, markets and Krampus runs, live on to this day.

The best preserved castle in South Tyrol

The Churburg above Schluderns near Mals was built in the 13th century and is one of the best-preserved castle complexes in South Tyrol. The castle is particularly renowned for its armoury, where 50 completely preserved suits of armour can be admired. Once a year, knights' games take place in Schluderns, reminiscent of the castle's former glory days.

One of the smallest cities in the world

Just over 900 people live in the town of Glurns, which is very close to Mals. It is allowed to bear the designation "city" because it is surrounded by a completely preserved city wall. Glurns has been a meeting point of cultures for centuries. The best way to explore the medieval town is on a guided tour and then enjoy the atmosphere in one of the cafés.

Marienberg Abbey
Europe's highest abbey

The white walls of Marienberg Abbey, which towers above the village of Burgeis near Mals, can be seen from far and wide. For centuries it was the spiritual centre of the population, shaping history, language and education in the Vinschgau region. A museum offers insights into the 900-year-old history and into the everyday life of the monks. The crypt with its Romanesque frescoes is a particular highlight.

The tower in the lake
The symbol of the Vinschgau region

The artificial reservoir Reschensee was created in 1950 by damming three natural lakes, which the old village of Graun had to make way for. Only the Romanesque and listed church tower from the 14th century, which protrudes from the lake, serves as a reminder of bygone times. Today, the tower is the most photographed motif in Vinschgau.

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