Know where it comes from

Why go far afield...

…when we have the best products at our feet? Be it herbal tea from the nearby Matschertal or organic cheese from the mountain village of Schleis: Small, local producers and businesses will always find a buyer for their valuable products with us. Through personal contacts with our suppliers, we always know where our ingredients come from and can plan our menus according to the season. We place just as much value on homemade components.

Homemade pasta
Homemade tastes best

In addition to the South Tyrolean classics such as Knödel dumplings and Nocken, we produce almost all pasta and dishes ourselves. The raw materials for this come mostly from the surrounding area and, if available, in organic quality in our kitchen.

Organic products
The best ingredients in the best condition

Our 200 m2 garden provides a variety of salads, vegetables and legumes from early summer to late autumn. The people of Mals voted to make themselves the first municipality in Europe to ban toxic synthetic pesticides on the municipal territory. The growing number of organic farmers in the area is a guarantee for high-quality cereals, vegetables, dairy products of all kinds, juices, wine, spirits and excellent meat.

South Tyrolean wines
We pour pure wine

All distinguished names in South Tyrolean viticulture are represented on our wine list. A steadily growing number of bottles from organically producing winegrowers are also on hand in our cellar. So that these can also be tasted and drunk, our range of wines by the glass changes daily. You can try those wines you've always wanted to try by the glass.

Regional bread
Full grain ahead

Vinschger Paarlbrot - also known as "Vinschgerle" is a speciality from the Vinschgau region, as the valley was the bread basket of Tyrol for a long time. Our home-baked wholemeal bread made from local grains is also well known. Whether freshly ground spelt, rye, wheat or buckwheat - we use it all in our bakery.

Vinschgau Almkäse cheese
From the high alpine dairies

The Vinschgau Valley has the largest number of farmed cow pastures in South Tyrol. The artisan dairy products produced there, such as butter and cheese are a rare delight and an integral part of our cuisine.

Homemade bacon
According to an old secret recipe

We prepare our traditional Tyrolean speck or bacon ourselves. Senior boss Hanni's secret blend of spices and brother-in-law Alexander's skilful smoking skills guarantee a "specktacular" taste experience.

Vinschger Marille apricots
The Vinschger Marille apricot is an independent apricot variety with a special taste.

The sweet treat is processed into jam, juice and schnapps, among other things. Mother in law Burgl from Tschengls is our main supplier of this precious commodity.

Other producers
Our suppliers

Englhorn: Organic cheese, dairy and grains

Luggin: Juices, dried fruits, vinegar and mustard

Backstube Angerer: Whole grain bread

Kräuterrebellen: Herbal teas

Manincor: Organic wines from Kaltern

Ultnerbrot: Organic bread and wholemeal bread

Biokistl: Organic vegetables and organic fruit

Meraner Mühle: Organic grain and flour

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