Wholefoods rich in vital substances according to Dr. Bruker

This is how versatile the wholefood diet is at the Hotel Greif.

Almost half of our guests now come to the Hotel Greif because of the wholefoods. The principle of the wholefood diet rich in vital substances according to Dr Bruker is based on the principle of leaving the food as natural as possible. That is why we prepare dishes from ingredients that are as unprocessed as possible, fresh grains, natural fats, raw vegetables and fruit. We strive to keep the level of Bruker cuisine at least as high as that of our regional South Tyrolean cuisine.

If you are interested in a recipe, then do not hesitate head for the kitchen. We are happy to provide information about wholefoods and reveal one or two tricks to help you do it at home too.

Sabrina – Cook

The more natural, the better

Nutritional pioneer Dr. Max Otto Bruker (1909-2001) ran organic health centres for decades and was the founder of the Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsberatung GGB. He recommended avoiding highly processed foods like flour, sugar and refined fats. Rather, daily consumption of grains, whole grain bread, raw fruit and vegetables, and natural fats is recommended. Special importance is also given to fresh grain porridge made from fresh grain. Following such a diet should prevent and cure diet-related diseases.

Health advisor at the hotel

Sonja Sagmeister, daughter of the house and organic farmer at the Englhof in Schleis, completed her training as a GGB health advisor and honed her cooking skills at various restaurants. With her profound knowledge, she ensures the flawless preparation of the vegetarian dishes in the a la Bruker. She is available to our guests for individual consultations upon request and subject to availability.

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