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The big hit of this year’s season: the event card of the Vinschgau train: At the station you can hire a very good bike and a return ticket for the train through the Vinschgau Valley for only 14€. When you don’t have any strength in your legs anymore, just return the bike at any of these stations: Spondinig, Schlanders, Latsch, Naturns or Meran. Then you can get on board of the train which brings you directly back to Mals. If you want to start at a higher sea-level just let you bring you up to Reschen, and hire a bike there to come back to Mals. From 1.400 bikes you’ll surely find a suitable one for you.
  • Mals – Malettesboden – Mals
Journey time: 2,5 hours
Difficulty: medium

From Mals you start upwards through Dr. H. Florastraße to the 14-Nothelfer-Church on the right. Behind the church turn right into the forest road “Seeloch”. Stay on this road and ride uphill for about 1 hour until you reach “Malettesboden” on the height of 1.600m

After having enjoyed the gorgeous view from up there, you take the stony forest road downhill towards Muntetschinig on 1.350m.

Then turn either right and ride downhill along the old street of Matsch, directly to Mals or go straight on along the new street of Matsch until Tartsch and from there back to Mals. After this journey you can enjoy the lovely dinner in the hotel.

Difference in altitude: 650m
  • Mals – round the lake of Reschensee – Mals
Journey time: 3,5 hours
Difficulty: medium

Starting from the Hotel go through the little winding alleys of Mals to come to the bike path “Mareines”, which leads you to Burgeis. Ride through the historical village of Burgeis, below the Monastery Marienberg, towards the upper end of the village. On the right you’ll see the restaurant “Gerda”. Always go along the bike path until you arrive at the lake Haidersee. Leaving the lake on your right, go along the bike path until you reach the village St. Valentin. Ride past the valley station of the ski-lift Haideralm. Then go past the emergency rescue service until you reach the masonry dam of the Lake Reschensee. Stay on the left and ride uphill, following the bike signs, towards Schöneben. Then go downhill to the valley station of Schöneben and ride on until the village Reschen.

Always ride back along the shore of the Lake Reschensee towards St. Valentin. You will come past the church tower, standing in the lake, and the village Graun. Ride on until you are back in St. Valentin. At the traffic lights in the centre of the village, turn left until you are in the little village “Dörfl”. From there take the narrow street through the Malser Heide to the hamlet Alsack (1.520m). Then go downhill to the hamlet Ulten (1.400m) and back to Mals.

Difference in altitude: 680m


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