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Local Specialties and Distributers

Whenever possible, our distributers come from the near surroundings. So we can guarantee that our ingredients are always fresh and authentic. As we know our distributers personally we know where the ingredients come from and so we can plan the menu according to the season.

Small, native enterprises will always find a consumer in our hotel for their products such as herbal teas from the near Valley Matsch, cheese and curd cheese from the village Schleis.

The kitchen of the Hotel Greif offers numerous local specialties and uses typical products from the Vinschgau Valley:
  • Vinschger Paarl – a type of bread also known as “Vinschgerle” is a specialty from the valley as the Vinschgau has been the granary of Tyrol for a long time.
  • Cheese from the alpine pastures – The Vinschgau Valley has the most farmed alpine pastures for cows in South Tyrol. Butter and cheese from these alpine pastures are an inherent part in our kitchen.
  • Speck – We produce Speck (a kind of ham) ourselves. The secret blend of spices of our senior partner Hanni and the skilled hand of brother-in-law Alexander, who smokes the speck, guarantee a special taste experience.
  • Vinschger Marille – It is an independent sort of apricot with a special flavour. The sweet fruit can be used, among other things, as jam, juice and schnapps. Mother-in-law Burgl from Tschengls is the main deliverer of this precious good.
  • Palabirne – a type of pear, also called the “apothecary’s pear”, is a very sweet peer.
Important links of producers that deliver us: biological cheese, milk-products, cereals Family Luggin from Laas: juices, vinegars, mustard, dried fruit Bakery Angerer, whole-wheat bread herbs, tea, juice, spices biological wine from Kaltern biological bread and whole-wheat bread vegetables and fruit biological cereals and flour
Local Specialties and Distributers
Local Specialties and Distributers
Local Specialties and Distributers
Local Specialties and Distributers


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